TAGRO For Commercial Use

TAGRO products are available for pickup or delivery at lower costs than similar commercial products. With convenient invoicing, we strive to give our commercial customers more choices and convenience for landscapers, farmers, forestry professionals, and other commercial customers.

Product Descriptions and Pricing

Schedule a Pickup or Delivery

Please call (253) 502-2150 to schedule a delivery, learn more about pickups, and pricing estimates.

Please note the following pallet charges for commercial customers:

Delivery Fee – $20

Wholesale Cost of a Pallet (50 Bags) – $150

Retail Bag Price – $6.50

Business Invoicing Application Steps:

  1. Fill out the application and save it to your files. (Note: If you prefer to pay by phone, please indicate that by “checking” the appropriate box on the form and include your telephone number.)
  2. Attach the completed application to an email and send it to [email protected].
  3. Please allow a minimum of 2 business days for approval process.
  4. Once reviewed, we will notify you of your approval via email.
  5. Once approved, head to the TAGRO facility to pick up your TAGRO products. See hours. 
  6. Invoices will be mailed to the address specified on your application. Payment will be due upon receipt.
  7. If you requested to pay-by-phone, our team members will reach out to collect payment within 2 business days.

All questions can be directed to (253) 502-2150.

How Much TAGRO Do You Need?

To calculate how much TAGRO product you will need tor a project, use the handy yardage calculator below. You’ll need to measure the length, width, and approximate depth of your project area:

TAGRO Dump Truck Dumping TAGRO

Which TAGRO Product is right for your project?

TAGRO products give our commercial users more choices for products that are ready to use. If our products don’t quite meet your needs or you need a different blend of nutrients, contact us and we can customize a product just for you.

Mix, the popular soil amendment that landscapers, farmers and forestry professionals have been using for more than a decade, also comes in an odor-free potting soil.

TAGRO products are available for less than the cost of similar commercial products—for pick up or delivery. We also provide convenient invoicing for our commercial customers.