Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find a list of our most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!

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Are TAGRO products available to anyone?

Yes! From home gardeners to professional landscapers and farmers, TAGRO is for everyone.

How do you get TAGRO products?
  • Call to schedule a home or business delivery
  • On-site loading at our facility – no appointment necessary
  • Purchase pre-bagged at select local retailers (potting soil only)
Is TAGRO open year-round?

Yes! We are open all year. TAGRO hours vary through the seasons. Please check the homepage for our current hours of operation.

We’re closed for lunch from 11:45 AM to 12:30 PM and on all City of Tacoma holidays.

Does TAGRO make deliveries year-round?

Yes! We’re open year-round. March through September is our busy season, so we recommend scheduling your delivery early. We can schedule deliveries up to a year in advance!

What are the minimum and maximum quantities for delivery for City of Tacoma residents?

The minimum for a single delivery is one cubic yard.

The maximum for a single delivery is 15 cubic yards.

What are the minimum and maximum quantities for deliveries outside of the City of Tacoma limits?

The minimum for a single delivery outside city limits is three cubic yards.

The maximum for a single delivery outside city limits is 15 cubic yards.

How much is one cubic yard?

One cubic yard will fill a standard size pickup truck with a 6ft bed.

At 1 inch of depth, a cubic yard will cover approximately 300 to 335 square feet (18 feet x 18 feet).

What is the free pile?

The “free pile” is a self-serve option and is our MIX product ONLY. Whatever you shovel into your buckets, bags, or pickup truck it is completely free.

What is MIX used for?

Mix is soil amendment used for supplying nutrients to depleted soils (e.g. Lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens, etc.)

What is POTTING SOIL used for?

Potting soil is used for indoor and outdoor container gardening, potted plants and raised garden boxes.

What is TOPSOIL used for?

Topsoil is meant to be used anywhere you need to import new soil (e.g. new lawn base, lawn leveling, building up a flower garden, etc.) Topsoil can also be used in raised garden boxes.

What is AGED BLACK BARK used for?

Aged Black Bark serves as a low-nutrient ground cover, similar to traditional beauty bark, but ground to a finer consistency. It helps with water retention for areas like flowerbeds and garden boxes.

Black Bark has NO bio-solid properties and contains no dyes. 

Do you need to add any fertilizers to TAGRO products?

Nope! TAGRO products are ready-to-use.

Can you use TAGRO products as a fill dirt?

Topsoil is the only TAGRO product that could be used for fill dirt. 

Are TAGRO products safe for deep-rooted vegetables?

Yes. We exceed all the Environmental Protective Agencies (EPA) standards.

How often are the bio-solids tested?

Biosolids are tested every two months in accordance with Washington State Department of Ecology requirements and meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s Class A Exceptional Quality standards for approved use in gardens that grow food.