TAGRO for Home Use

For over 30 years, home gardeners have used and loved TAGRO products as a sustainable solution to help create beautiful, thriving gardens while minimizing their impact on the planet. Selecting the right product for your project can help ensure the health and vitality of your plants for years to come. Discover our line of TAGRO products below and the benefits for home use:

Product Descriptions and Pricing
TAGRO Potting Soil

Potting Soil

Our potting soil is ideal for container-grown plants. This nutrient-rich blend of biosolids, sawdust, and clean aged bark is great for both indoor and outdoor flowers, plants, and vegetable gardens.

Bagged Potting Soil is available to purchase at our TAGRO Facility as well as a number of regional retailers. Click here to find a retail location near you.

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TAGRO Top Soil


Our Topsoil is a four-way mix ideal for refreshing gardens and flower beds. It is an intermediary between native nutrient-barren soils and nutrient-rich manufactured soils such as TAGRO Potting Soil. TAGRO Topsoil adds organic matter and nutrients without decreasing porosity.

TAGRO Topsoil meets the Type IV topsoil specifications of the Washington State Department of Transportation and the City of Tacoma.

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TAGRO Black Bark

Aged Black Bark

Black Bark serves as a low-nutrient ground cover similar to traditional beauty bark – except that it’s black. It’s also ground finer than traditional beauty bark making it more visually pleasing to most gardeners. Black Bark contains no biosolids.

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What we call “Mix” features excellent organic soil conditioning properties to help pamper your lawn, flower beds, vegetable gardens, and more. Mix can help break up and aerate heavy soils, retain soil moisture to decrease watering needs, and provide a slow release of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Our Mix self-serve “free pile” is also available to residential customers during regular business hours at our facility.

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How Much TAGRO Do You Need?

To calculate how much product you will need for a project, use the handy yardage calculator below. You’ll need to measure the length, width, and approximate depth of your project area: