TAGRO Products and Pricing

Proven safe and effective – and awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s highest rating for use in landscaping, vegetable gardens and indoor container gardens – all-natural TAGRO products are made from a blend of pasteurized wastewater byproducts called biosolids and other weed-free gardening components.

TAGRO Potting Soil

Potting Soil

Price: $35.00 per cubic yard

Considered the best of the best. Our Potting Soil helps potted plants develop strong root systems, which are vital to the performance of container-grown plants.

Make up: 20% “Class A—Exceptional Quality” biosolids, 20% high-quality sawdust and 60% aged bark.

Bagged Potting Soil is available to purchase at our TAGRO Facility as well as a number of regional retailers.

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TAGRO Top Soil


 Price: $28.00 per cubic yard

Our Topsoil is a four-way mix ideal for refreshing gardens and flower beds. It is an intermediary between native nutrient-barren soils and nutrient-rich manufactured soils such as TAGRO Potting Soil. TAGRO Topsoil adds organic matter and nutrients without decreasing porosity.

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TAGRO Black Bark

Aged Black Bark

Price: $31.00 per cubic yard

Black Bark serves as a low-nutrient ground cover similar to traditional beauty bark – except that it’s black. Our Black Bark is ground finer than traditional beauty bark making it more visually pleasing to most gardeners. Black Bark contains no biosolids.

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Price: $15.00 per cubic yard

What we call “Mix” replenishes soil and helps jump-start plant growth. It features excellent organic soil conditioning properties to help pamper your lawn, flower beds, vegetable gardens and more.

Blend: 50% “Class A—Exceptional Quality” biosolids, 25% sawdust and 25% screened sand.

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TAGRO Potting Soil Bag

Where to Get TAGRO Products

All TAGRO Products are available to purchase at our facility, located at 2301 Cleveland Way in Tacoma (Gate 6). TAGRO is open and available year-round. No appointment necessary.

Our Mix “Free Pile” is also available to customers for self-loading during facility hours of operation. No appointment necessary.

Potting Soil is also available to purchase in 1-cubic foot bags at a number of regional retailers. Click here to find a TAGRO Potting Soil retailer near you.

To schedule a delivery please call (253) 502-2150.

Click here for current hours of operation.

The Environmental Benefits of TAGRO

More residents in Tacoma mean more homes, more industry – and more waste. We have learned to view the waste as a resource. TAGRO helps us take recycling to a new level as we reuse what goes down our drains to benefit your yard, garden, and our shared environment. The City of Tacoma recycles about 4,000 dry tons of biosolids each year. This helps benefit our community by:

  • Supporting Home Gardens, Community Gardens, and Food Banks
  • Beautifying our parks and public green spaces
  • Providing education opportuntities
  • Incorporating into commercial properties such as playfields and golf courses

TAGRO is natural, sustainable, and affordable.

TAGRO’s Nutrients are Released Slowly

TAGRO’s unique formulation allows plants to use more nutrients, released slower over time. This means that fewer are wasted and leached into the enviroment.

Soil Conditioned with TAGRO Retains Water Better

The more water the soil retains, the less you have to pull out the hose or sprinkler. And that leaves more natural water flow in our rivers.

Plants and Trees Grow Bigger and Better in TAGRO

More vegetation means more shade and less soil erosion near creeks and rivers, making for healthy and clear water for fish and people to enjoy.   

Community Gardens and TAGRO

Premium TAGRO products are used in community gardens throughout Tacoma and greater Pierce County. The City of Tacoma is proud to support local food production, community building, and equitable food access through the use of TAGRO as a sustainable local resource.

Watch this episode of Urban Green to learn more about TAGRO’s valuable community garden partnerships.